What do I need to know?

What is a Displayer?

A displayer is a website, organization, group or individual that accesses publicly shared badges from the Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) and displays them for an earner. Badge display plays a crucial role in the Open Badges ecosystem—part of a badge’s value resides in its usage or social currency. This is a factor that is affected by where and how badges are displayed. Social networking sites, discipline-oriented community portals, and job search sites, as well as personal sites and blogs are all potential badge displayers.

Why become a displayer?

  • Build comprehensive profiles. Enhance your users’ profiles with more granular skill and competency information.
  • Connect users with more opportunities. Use badges to connect users to opportunities, alternative professional pathways, and relevant communities.
  • Build community and social capital. Help learners find mentors and peers with similar interests. Badges help reinforce camaraderie, synthesize teams and build communities of practice.
  • Understand your users. Badges provide evidence-backed data you can use to better understand your users’ skills, interests, history and goals.

How do I get started?

The OBI is open and supports any independent displayer that conforms to the necessary displaying specifications.

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