What do I need to know?

What is a Badge Issuer?

An issuer is a badge issuing organization, group or individual who uses the Open Badge Infrastructure to allow earners to push badges from their site into the Mozilla Backpack. Because of the OBI’s open infrastructure, it’s easy to become an issuer: just meet the required badge specifications.

Why become an Issuer?

  • Extend the value of learning experiences for your earners. By plugging into the OBI, you allow your earners the flexibility of pursuing multiple learning pathways.
  • Promote your brand. Your badges can be shared across the entire ecosystem, carrying your brand and its values along with them.
  • Build your community. Each of your badges links back to you, regardless of where they are shared or used, so more people can discover your learning experiences through badges.
  • Promote your success on a bigger stage. Your badges represent real learning experiences and achievements fostered by you. The OBI allows you to share evidence of these successes to individual earners and across a broader ecosystem.

What is the Badge Backpack?

The Badge Backpack is the location where an earner collects, manages, groups and shares their badges.

When you, as an OBI-compliant issuer, award a badge, the badge recipient receives a notification. It’s then up to them whether they decide to push that badge into their Backpack or not. This workflow ensures that the earner maintains control of their badges at all times.

Mozilla will host the initial reference Backpacks, but the open nature of the infrastructure is designed to allow issuers to develop and host their own Backpacks as well.

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How do I get started?

The OBI is open source and supports any independent issuer that conforms to the necessary badge and issuing specifications.

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