What do I need to know?

Who is a badge Earner?

An earner is someone who collects and stores their badges within the Open Badge Infrastructure. The OBI acts as the conduit between an issuer and an earner, permitting an earner to earn, accept, store, and manage badges within their Mozilla Backpack. From there they can choose to display their badges on a variety of sites, including blogs, social media sites, and personal websites.

Why become an earner of the Open Badge Infrastructure?

  • Tell a more complete story about yourself and your skills. By combining badges from different issuers in the Backpack, you can tell a more comprehensive story of your skills and learning history to potential employers, schools, and peer groups.
  • Control your credentials. The OBI provides you with complete control over your badges. You can accept and reject badges as well as set privacy controls. All badges start off as private, so you’re in complete control of who sees what.
  • Promote yourself. You can create groups of badges that can be shared with different audiences and websites which allows you to manage and curate your accomplishments and showcase them.
  • Get real results. Through the OBI, you can extend the value of your badges and use them to get real results like jobs and new opportunities.

What is the Badge Backpack?

The Backpack is your main interface for collecting, managing, grouping and sharing your badges. When you earn badges on participating OBI issuer sites, you can push them directly into your Backpack. You can also import badges stored elsewhere into the Backpack. However, these badges must be OBI compliant as well.

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